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The Management being the local resident has identified the need of a good residential facility for the students. The presence of numerous institutes and the agony of travelling from places like Delhi, Noida and Dadri have given the management a vision to provide/ build such a facility. This will enable students / residents to concentrate on shaping their future rather than whiling away their time running around for the basic needs of food & housing. The management further plans to establish its name in the international arena as a premier institution for residential facility.   Since it's very inception the mission of GN Hostels Pvt. Ltd. (GNH) has been to establish and maintain the best possible residential facility for the professionals, scholars, academicians, and the technocrats of tomorrow. The management of GNH strives to contribute to the nation's economic and industrial growth, as well as academic excellence. The management aims to set new standards in providing hostel facilities and shape up as a leading advocator of quality life and good learning environment for the students.
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