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Chairman's Message

As the chairman of GNH, I take the opportunity to welcome you to the G N Hostel, and share with you, what the Hostel represents and offers. In our latest efforts to provide the best in quality, we have sought to facilitate our hostelites with comfort and convenience.

Secure, hygienic, and cozy, G N Hostel is a state-of-the-art home away from home. It liaisons with best security agencies to see that students of the hostel are completely safe. Besides learning in comfort, we encourage hostelites to maintain a fitness and health regime. As such, the Hostel houses a mess, common rooms, cafeteria, cyber café, gymnasium etc. By holding extracurricular activities and social events, the GN Hostel aims to promote active student participation, and consequently personality development. We also take pride in the fact that the Hostel warden and members of the administrative staff are approachable, friendly, supportive, and active.

All this and much more has been cared for at the GN Hostel to ensure the best learning environment for the residents.

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