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Rules & Regulations

01. The rooms will be open for inspection by the Hostel staff at any time. The supervision and control of the hostel will always remain with the Management and Hostel Committee.

02. No visitor or parents are allowed to enter the hostel rooms. They can meet their wards in the visitor's room / reception with permission.

03. Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited.

04. Residents shall be allowed to attend phone calls between 8A.M. to 8P.M. The telephonic conversation is restricted to 3 minutes in order to facilitate all residents who want to make use of this facility.

05. No resident will be allowed to enter the hostel after 10.00 PM.

06. Hostel rooms and toilets must be kept clean and tidy. Photographs, Pictures etc. shall not be pasted or displayed on the walls of the room.

07. Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities will be liable for penalty. Use of Iron or use of any extra appliance other than provided in the room is not permissible. Any resident found using unauthorised electric appliances will have their appliances confiscated.

08. Residents shall take care to keep silence in the hostel premises .

09. Only vegetarian food will be served in the mess. No resident will be allowed to carry food to the rooms.

10. No resident shall enter the kitchen or give instructions to the cook or other staffs. Complaints regarding food, service etc if any, may be brought to the notice of the Warden/Mess Manager.

11. Mess facilities are common and compulsory. Food is not to be taken out of the dining room. Residents shall come to the dining hall for meals neatly dressed. No nightwear are allowed in the dining hall.

12. Allotment of hostel seats will be for the full academic year. In case the residents want to leave the hostel in the middle of the academic year, no refund will be given.

13. Payment of hostel fees beyond the stipulated date will be liable for fine.

14. Indoor games, Cultural programmes etc are some of the activities and special features of G. N. Hostel. Residents are advised to avail these opportunities to the maximum extent.

15. Any case of illness shall be reported immediately to the Hostel Warden. Only First Aid facilities are available in the hostel. All outside medical expenses incurred for the residents will be borne by them.

16. Pets are not allowed.

17. Temporary accommodation for parents/visitors may be provided by prior permission on chargeable basis.

18. The hostel shall not be used for business purposes.

19. The resident shall not misuse the premises for any immoral, unsocial or unapproved purpose and shall not create any nuisance whatsoever.

20. The Rules of the hostel are subject to revision from time to time.

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